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Summary of our tale - Jo wants to learn to swim so she can go on her Dad’s boat with him.

Selkie is learning about the stars so she won’t forget how to get home. 

Can Jo and Selkie help each other?

My Friend Selkie_photo Brian Hartley_2080_hi.jpg

All photos by Brian Hartley

Please contact Dawn Hartley     


                   Thanks to Assembly@Dancebase for a great 3 show run at EdFringe 2023.

We presented 20 'daylight' shows of My Friend Selkie in Scotland in 2022

With grateful thanks to Year of Stories 2022, 

Dr Guthrie's Association, Fife Community Cultural Grant,

Dundee City Council, Magic Little Grant from LocalGiving,

Edinburgh's Children Hospital Charity,

The Russell Trust and Clifftop Projects.

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