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Looking back... before leaping forward

Remember how January 2022 kicked off?

So much uncertainty & so many challenges.

Yet we succeeded in presenting My Friend Selkie in Aberdeen Nurseries in March

with mask-free cast (though supporting staff fully masked up). Only one school had to cancel due to staffing issues & Covid 19. Phew..

Niamh and Dawn supported Julia's outdoor performances of The Bog Blanket at Thurso Women's Festival in April, followed by a fun Ceilidh and a great sightseeing trip home.

As work started again for everyone, Director Dawn also sought out opportunities for Selkie and we played at Lyra, on tour as part of Year of Stories in August, at Scrap Antics in Dundee for Scottish Refugee Council and at The Ukrainian Hub in Aberdeen. Niamh introduced us to the team at Edinburgh Children's Hospital for a Selkie performance.

Julia performed The Bog Blanket for the Orkney Climate Festival in September.

What Moves You? films were edited and shown at Citymoves Dance Live festival in Aberdeen in October and we held the Online Film Premiere in December.

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2023

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